Welcome to the all new and only indoor
karting track in Jerusalem.
We are located at Haoman St. 17  in Kenyon Lev -Talpiyot at minus 4 parking level.
Here you will find the latest and most advanced karts in production today,the Sodi Kart RX7. 
Team karting offers include:
Arrive and drive daily racing
Birthday parties, Bar&Bat Mitszva parties
Corporate events and much more
So all that`s left for you is to Speed - Pass - and win the Race!!!

- simulator: experience a ride without actually driving. gives you virtual  a race track.

 - paintball: shooting range.

For more info please call us at  077-50-30-566
Or E-Mail us to:   facebook:
Nemo  בניית אתרים בירושלים האומן 17, קניון לב תלפיות, חניון -4, ירושלים טל. 077-5030566
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